About this blog

As the title suggests, I like horror, and that will be a central theme of this blog. That means horror novels, horror films, comic books, music, myths and legends.  I also like fantasy, mystery, science fiction, science non-fiction and a host of other things, so I can’t guarantee I won’t branch out on occasion. I write short reviews as well as longer essays, interspersed with the occasional youtube clip or post about creative writing.

I’m a scientist, working on nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, which means that I get to look at brains and chemical spectra for a living. I’m also a part-time goblin and I write novels (under the pseudonym M.H.Johnsen to avoid mix-ups with my science publications). These are – surprise, surprise – horror novels. I also write (dark) fantasy, mystery and sci-fi.

Visit my website (www.mhjohnsen.co.uk) for more information, or connect with me on social media!